Diane Diachishin


Diane Diachishin is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Hudson Valley, NY. Her style is personal, optimistic, and easy-going. She can turn a whole audience into a living room filled with friends.

Diane's music is eclectic — for everyone, of all ages, genders, and differing abilities. Her music brings a fresh vision of social change and world peace. Diane's singing lifts your spirit and touches your heart.

Diane is undeniably a truly gifted artist. If you get the chance – HIRE HER!!
Dick Kniss, 40 year stand-up bass player for Peter, Paul and Mary. Co-authored "Sunshine on My Shoulders" with John Denver
She has a classic folksinger's voice... clear and high, yet retaining graceful simplicity.
Woodstock Times
Once you learn to pronounce her Ukrainian name correctly you can play her CD over and over again. My listener's loved her song choices... especially the ones taught to her by the great Scottish folksinger, Jean Redpath.
Robert J. Lurtsema, Host, WGBH Morning Pro Musica

New CD! — I am excited to announce my new CD, produced by Grammy Award winner, Jeff Haynes. I am happy you are visiting us. Diane D and Hoppin' John primarily consists of Diane Diachishin who plays guitar and sings and John Lawrence who is a fine fiddler and champion yodeler from Stamford, Ct. Hoppin' John also consists of a motley crew of fun- loving gypsy musicians who join the band from time to time, adding banjo, bass, mandolin, or whatever the inspiration is at the time.
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